Ok this was something ive been pondering about awhile ago and im curious to see if anybody else has the same opinions as to what will become of Noob Saibot in MK10.

In MK9 we all watched as Noob Saibot was thrown into the Soulnado which utterly destroyed him and the soulnado as well, but what if he gets reborn. Now hear me out on this, seeing as he is a wraith and was thrown into something as pure (if soulnado's could be classed as a pure vortex lol) as the soulnado actually creates an opposite effect on him, his soul being freed of corruption and granting him a new life, Noob Saibot returns as Sub Zero.

That was we can now have both Cyber Sub Zero and Classic Sub Zero, with the older brother's revival he can team up with the Earthrealm warriors to get his revenge against Shinnok and Quan Chi for useing him dueing his time as a Brotherhood of Shadow member. Hell, perhaps even the Elder Sub Zero could reveal the truth to Scorpion, that way the pair of them can kill that son of a bitch Quan Chi lol.

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