Ok well we all know the 6 primary antagonist in the MK universe is Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Onaga and Daegon. I decied to create this blog to find out who here belives is the most evil and the worst threat towards the forces of light. For me its Shinnok, Shinnok shows that even an elder god can become corrupt and try to rule the realms for himself and the fact that he tends to bring destruction through manipulation and deciet rather than brute force shows that he is a force to be wreckoned with, even dueing MKA he has somehow been the one man to bring about the apocalypse and in MK4 he waited till Kahn was finnished and Edenia was weakened so he could make his move, if Quan Chi had give him the real amulet he would have surely won and after the defeat of Shao Kahn in MK9 he shows his true intentions as to why he sent Quan Chi to serve Kahn not to mention in some of the endings of those who were loyal to him in MK4, and Quan Chi's ending in MK9 it clearly states that he is not a "god of his word" as he says to reptile and this is demonstrated by killing his loyal servents.

P.S i did not include Blaze because i see him as a Final boss not realy an antagonist in the MK Universe

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