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  • Themaniacbiscuit

    What if Master Chief was an Xbox exclusive character [1]

    Energy Sword: Master Chief lunges at the enemy with an energy sword

    Grenade: Master Chief throws a frag at the opponent

    Assault Rifle: Master Chief shoots his opponent(basically the same mechanic as Stryker's pistol)

    Armor Lock: Master Chief can armor lock to block projectiles, if opponent is too close when Master Chief releases armor lock, the opponent will take a small bit of damage.

    Shotgun: Master Chief uses a shotgun. This is a close range move.

    Active Camo: Master Chief uses active camo to turn invisible.

    Jetpack uppercut: Master Chief will uppercut them, but also use his jetpack to propel them higher

    X-Ray Move: Master Chief sprints towards the opponent, if it connects, he will whack them in …

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  • Themaniacbiscuit

    The elder gods shall bind your souls for eternity

    —-Raiden to Hyashi

    Kyushi had entered the Mortal Kombat tournament to kill Shang-Tsung to show he was the best at dark arts, but to fight him he entered as part of the Earthrealm warriors. Hyashi, oblivious of this plot to kill Shang-Tsung, joined along with Kyushi to practice his ninja skills. During this tournament(and this is a different tournament to the ones in the games) Hyashi was eliminated early, but Kyushi reached the end and fought Shang-Tsung. It was a tense fight, Shang-Tsung and Kyushi both shot an intense amount of dark magic at eachother, causing a huge surge. This all went directly into Kyushi's brain, corrupting his very soul. Raiden needed him alive, thinking he was the o…

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