What if Master Chief was an Xbox exclusive character [1]

Special Moves

Energy Sword: Master Chief lunges at the enemy with an energy sword

Grenade: Master Chief throws a frag at the opponent

Assault Rifle: Master Chief shoots his opponent(basically the same mechanic as Stryker's pistol)

Armor Lock: Master Chief can armor lock to block projectiles, if opponent is too close when Master Chief releases armor lock, the opponent will take a small bit of damage.

Shotgun: Master Chief uses a shotgun. This is a close range move.

Active Camo: Master Chief uses active camo to turn invisible.

Jetpack uppercut: Master Chief will uppercut them, but also use his jetpack to propel them higher

X-Ray Move: Master Chief sprints towards the opponent, if it connects, he will whack them in the head with the butt of his assualt rifle, breaking their jaw, he will then run off screen and come back on a mongoose, he will then drive into them, breaking their legs and flipping them.


John felt strange and collapsed in pain, he woke up inside his own mind and saw Shao Khan had possessed his body, but shao Khan was not trained in the use of such power and could not use any functionalities of the suit, trying to escape, Shao Khan realised he could not leave John's body. Shao Khan would never leave that spot, and johns soul flew away into the heavens.

Note:This was SixDog's idea and NOT MINE. I just cleaned it up a little.


Intro: Comes in on a pelican, gets off and says "I defeated the covenant and I could defeat you."

Outro: Camera zooms down so his head is just out of view, Master Chief then drops his helmet.


Target Locator: Master Chief uses the target locator(airstrike weapon in Halo:Reach) on the opponent. Master Chief uses a bubble shield and the airstrike starts, missiles fly down and destroy the opponent, leaving a bloody mess, Master Chief says "It's a lot less messy on grunts."

Fury of a Spartan: Master Chief stabs the opponent in the stomach with an energy sword, shoots off both arms with his shotgun, shoots them in the back with a needler so they're covered in needles and throws a firebomb grenade at them. While they're running around in incredible pain and on fire, Master Chief finishes it by shooting them with a spartan laser blowing up the entire top half of their torso, leaving just burning legs.

Babality: Master Chief(Still in his power armor) tries to drink a bottle of milk, but can't due to his helmet, he throws the bottle to the ground and shoots it.


  • When Master Chief is low on health, the yellow electricity will spark around him and you can hear beeping sounds like in the Halo series.
  • Themaniacbiscuit is awesome

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