You know, you'd think that with all the time the MK team would come up with the idea I just thought of.

Since We've seen the tag team system back in the game, so why haven't they come up with a Team Fatality? I understand they worked so hard on the new game with the sickest Fatalities in the series ever and to give them a break, but why haven't they thought of this idea before?! I mean if they could come up with those awesome Fatalities, why not make a Team Fatality?

Example: Scorpion and Sub-Zero Team Fatality. Scorpion could cut off thier legs then Sub-Zero could freeze them, take thier head off, and throw the head at the frozen body.

Curtain pairs if characters in a tag team could have a combination of buttons, same for each character on the team.

Well, what are you guy's thoughts are? Is it a good or bad idea?

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