I've decided (due to the postive feedback of that last and the idea of a new one) that I will update my old MK vs Marvel Roster. So, here we go again!

MK Side

  1. Scorpion
  2. Sub-Zero
  3. Liu Kang
  4. Kung Lao
  5. Raiden
  6. Johnny Cage
  7. Sonya
  8. Jax
  9. Styker
  10. Kano
  11. Mist
  12. Kabal
  13. Cyrax
  14. Sektor
  15. Smoke
  16. Noob Saibot
  17. Hydro (Human)
  18. Hydro (Cyborg)
  19. Baraka
  20. Mileena
  21. Kitana
  22. Jade
  23. Ermac
  24. Shang Tsung
  25. Quan Chi
  26. Hotaru
  27. Havik
  28. Drahmin
  29. Belokk

Guset Kharacter: Predator

Marvel Side

  1. Captain America
  2. Wolverine
  3. Spider-Man (AKA Spidey)
  4. The Hulk
  5. Iron Man
  6. Mr. Sinister
  7. Deadpool
  8. Daredevil
  9. Cyclops
  10. Hobgoblin
  11. Venom (Eddie)
  12. Venom (Flash)
  13. Black Cat
  14. Dr. Doom
  15. Magneto
  16. Dormammu
  17. Storm
  18. Thor
  19. Luke Cage
  20. Green Goblin (W/ and Without Glider)
  21. Rocket Raccoon
  22. Elektra
  23. Blade
  24. Beast
  25. Conan the Barbarian
  26. Ultron
  27. Scar
  28. Punisher
  29. Ghost Raider

Guest Kharacter: Spawn


MK Side

Boss: Onaga Reborn

Sub-Bosses: Goro/Shao Kahn


Boss: Apocalypse

Sub-Bosses: Thanos/Blackheart


MK Side

  1. Scorpion's: MK9 Primary, MK:DA Alternative, MK1 Klassic.
  2. Sub-Zero's: MK:D Primary, MK9 Kostume, MK1 Klassic.
  3. Liu Kang's: MK vs DCU Kostume, MK4 Kostume.
  4. Kung Lao's: MK9 Kostume, MK:DA Alternative, MK2 Klassic.
  5. Raiden's: MK9 Kostume, MK:DA Primary, Dark Raiden Kostume.
  6. Johnny's: MK9 Kostume, Shaolin Monks Kostume, MK1 Klassic.
  7. Sonya's Kostume: MK9 Kostume, MK:DA Alternative, MK1 Klassic.
  8. Jax's Kostume: MK vs DCU Kostume, MK9 Alternative, MK2 Klassic.
  9. Styker's: MK9 Alternative, Brand new Kostume, MK3 Klassic.
  10. Kano's: MK9 Primary, MK Special Forces Kostume, MK3 Klassic.
  11. Mist's: Primary, Kopy of Kabal's MK:D Alternative.
  12. Kabal's: MK9 Primary, MK:D Primary, MK3 Klassic.
  13. Cyrax's: MK9 Kostume, Human Form, MK3 Klassic.
  14. Sektor's: MK9 Kostume, MK:A Primary, MK3 Klassic.
  15. Smoke's: MK9 Kostume, MK2 Klassic, MK3 Klassic.
  16. Noob's: MK9 Kostume, MK4 Kostume, MK2 Klassic.
  17. Hydro's (Human): MK Comics Kostume Modernized, New Kostume (Based after Noob's MK:D Kostume), Retro MK2 Kostume.
  18. Hydro's (Cyborg): MKL Kostume, New Kostume (Based after MK:DA Kostume), Retro MK3 Kostume.
  19. Baraka's: MK vs DCU Kostume, MK9 Kostume.
  20. Mileena's: MK9 Kostume, MK:D Primary, MK3 Klassic.
  21. Kitana's: MK9 Kostume, MK:DA Kostume, MK9 Alternative.
  22. Jade's: MK9 Kostume, MK:D Alternative, MK:D Primary.
  23. Ermac's: MK:D Primary, MK9 Kostume, MK3 Klassic.
  24. Shang Tsung's: MK9 Kostume, MK9 Alternative, MK2 Klassic.
  25. Quan Chi's: MK9 Kostume, MK4 Kostume.
  26. Hotaro's: MK:D Primary, MK:D Alternative.
  27. Haivk's: MK9 Kostume (Noob's Ending), MK:D Primary, MK:D Alternative (Noob's MK9 Primary with some changes)
  28. Drahmin: MK:DA Primary, MK:DA Alternative, New Kostume.
  29. Belokk's: Mordernized MK4 Kostume, Moloch Kostume, Satan Kostume.
  30. Predator's: Normal Kostume, Celtic Kostume, Wolf Kostume.

Marvel Side

  1. Captain America's: Normal Kostume, Klassic Red Kostume, Movie Kostume.
  2. Wolverine's: Normal Kostume, Gold and Brown Kostume, Non-X-Men Kostume.
  3. Spidey's: Normal Kostume, Black Kostume, Scarlet Spider Kostume.
  4. Hulk's: Green Hulk, Joe Fixit Kostume, Skaar Kostume.
  5. Iron Man's: Armor MK IV, Armor MK I, Bleeding Edge Armor.
  6. Mr. Sinister's: Normal Kostume.
  7. Deadpool's: Normal Kostume, X-Force Kostume, Deathstroke Kostume.
  8. Daredevil's: Normal Kostume, Devil's Hand Kostume.
  9. Cyclops': X-Men (90s) Kostume, Klassic Kostume, X-Factor 2nd Uniform.
  10. Hobgoblin's: Philip Urich Kostume, Roderick Kingsely Kostume, Jason Macendale Jr. Kostume.
  11. Venom's (Eddie): Normal Kostume, Carnage Kostume, Anti-Venom Kostume.
  12. Venom's (Flash): Normal Kostume, US Army Kostume.
  13. Black Cat's: Normal Kostume, Christmas Theme Kostume.
  14. Dr. Doom's: Normal Kostume, Red Pattlet Swap.
  15. Magneto's: Normal Kostume, X-Men: Evoulation Kostume.
  16. Dormammu's: Normal Kostume, Ultimate Kostume, Blue Flames Kostume.
  17. Storm's: X.S.E Kostume, Normal White Kostume, Thunder Goddess Kostume.
  18. Thor's: Normal Kostume, Ultimate Kostume.
  19. Luke Cage's: Normal Kostume, Early Power Man Kostume, Bloods Kostume.
  20. Green Goblin's: Normal Kostume, 2002 Movie Kostume, Unmasked.
  21. Rocket Raccoon's: Normal Kostume, Klassic Kostume, Cartoony Kostume.
  22. Elektra's: Normal Kostume, White Kostume, Black Leather Kostume.
  23. Blade'a: Normal Kostume, Klassic Kostume, Movie Kostume.
  24. Beast's: Normal Kostume, Astonishing X-Men Kostume, "Here Comes Tomorrow" Kostume.
  25. Conan's: Normal Kostume, Avengers Armor (Earth-84243), Movie (1982) Kostume.
  26. Ultron's: Normal Kostume, Ultron-59 Kostume, Phalanx Kostume.
  27. Scar's: Normal Kostume, Dracotorra Kostume, Scorch Kostume.
  28. Punisher's: Normal Kostume, Ultimate Kostume, Carlos Cruz Kostume.
  29. Ghost Raider's: Normal Kostume, Klassic Kostume.
  30. Spawn's: Normal Kostume, SC Kostume, Klassic Kostume.

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