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    Ed Boon was saying when he made Nitara in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, he said the idea was to make a female vampire and a male vampire, but they had run out of time. So I'm suggesting they should put Kahil Grigesh in MK2012 DLC. I done two screenshots on my avatar on to show how Kahil should look in MK2012 and see if his looks are better than the pic of him which is unfinished. The first screenshot here is a picture of my avatar on, a pair of black wings much different to Nitara and grey dragon armor and a very light yellow skin, he's got myst eyes.

    And second screenshot is showing the side of him, he has black Japanese samurai hairstyle and a ponytail tied up at the back.

    Any suggestions? do you think he should …

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    January 5, 2011 by VampireIllusion


    The vampire named Damon enters the netherealm as he walks from the portal, Ashrah saw him as she was walking by the lava, she run to him and tried to attack him but he countered her attack and grabbed her leg and swing her in circles and thrown her to the zombies. Next opponent came by was scorpion, he threw his spear at Damon but Damon grabbed it as it was aiming for him, then Damon threw it at Scorpion as a reverse. Scorpion dodged it, then they fight each other as a war, Damon teleported in different directions and Scorpion was thinking he's very unknown for a Kombatant to do that, as they were fighting with their powers and weapons, meanwhile Scorpion gave up, vanished and let Damon go.

    Then Quan chi approached Damon as he was…

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    Nitara was in a search in the graveyard in Vaeternus for Kahil Grigesh's dead body, ten minutes later.. Nitara and her vampire followers found Kahil's body, took him to the Moroi empire room. Nitara informed Cyrax to bring her the spell book from a realm to ressurect the dead.

    Meanwhile Cyrax returned to Nitara with a spell book, she granted him.. she took the book gently from Cyrax, she was blessed to have an allie like him.

    An hour later, Nitara called a gathering of vampires to see the ressurection of the vampire Kahil Grigesh, she chanted the spell from the book, other vampires were repeating the words after she said, then Kahil was ressurected.. he risen from the coffin, oh heil Kahil Grigesh. Nitara gave him some of her blood to make h…

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    I have got an idea of making a topic on saying how about we add few more new characters for the next MK game after the MK Rebirth game. I got one idea.. we should get a male vampire into the next tournanment, make him an ally for Nitara. I thought of a few names for him and I want to see what would you think? but we won't use Dracula as a name for him, because Dracula is an ancestor for all vampires,lol. I'm thinking we should ressurect Nitara's male vampire friend Kahil Grigesh from the dead and change his form and give him a new name, but lets say non of the characters will know it's Kahil as an incarnation, lol. Ok here's the list of the names i thought of...

    • Genshin
      * Damon
      * Dhampir
      * Lucius
      * Xavier
      * Chiang-Shi

    Tell me which is a good name…

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