Gender Female
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Status Servent of Quan Chi
Origin Vaeternus
Resides Netherrealm
Species Demon (formerly Vampire)


MK Armageddon



Quan Chi






Original Sub-Zero



Nitara (former friend)

Lasai (former friend)

Weapons Kusari-Gama
Alignment Evil (formerly Neutral)


Once a vampire from Vaeternus, Matania was killed during the merging of Outworld. She was a childhood friend of Nitara and Lasai and was their partner when hunting prey. When she died, she was resurrected by Quan Chi to serve him and prey on enemy demons. When the Elder Sub Zero was sent by Raiden to steal back the amulet, Matania was the first assassin, of the four, to be fought by Sub Zero. She was defeated by him.

She is seen and fought in Armageddon's Konquest, still a servent to Quan Chi. They battle in the Red Dragon's lair, but are defeated.


Blood Spit: Matania spits a ball of blood at the opponent. She can also do this in the air. This is copied from Nitara.

Vampire Pull: Matania takes out her Kasari-Gama and throws the opponent's chest. If it lands, she pulls her/him in and they are stunned for a while. This is similar to Scorpion's spear move.

  • The enhanced is called Vampire Gama, where she summons a skeleton that stabs the opponent from behind and slams him/her behind it, if it lands.

[2]Matania's Kasari-Gama

Neck Bite: Matania jumps on the opponent and bites their neck.

  • The enhanced is called Neck Massacre, where she does more damage to his/her neck.

Mind Control: Matania lifts her arm and releases blue energy that controls the opponent.

  • The enhanced is called Mind Damage, where she orders them to snap their neck.

Skeleton Rise: Matania rises up a skeleton, with a sword, that slice the opponent.

  • The enhanced is called Skeleton Smash, where the skeleton adds 2 more slices.

X Ray - Vampire's Tooth: Matania jumps on the opponent and exposes her fangs. Then, she implants them into the opponent's head, cracking open their skull, and takes her Kusari-Gama and stabs it into his/her neck, breaking their neck. Lastly, she slams them behind her.


Minions Rise: Matania rises 3 skeletons and 2 grab the opponent. Then, the third rapidly stabs the opponent in the chest. Then, the two skeleton pull apart and split the opponent apart.

Poison Blood: Matania spits poisonous blood at the opponent's face. As the blood falls in their mouth, they start to puke. Then, she Mind Controls them to open their chest, which allows the poison to seep out.


Defeating Blaze: Finally fulfilling her goal of defeating Blaze, Quan Chi granted her wish of having her old allies. Turning Nitara and Lasai into Demons would make Quan Chi more powerful and less vulnerable. With Nitara, Lasai, Kia, and Jataaka at her side, the new demon group that serve Quan Chi will never be defeated.

Character Relationships

Former best friend of Nitara and Lasai

Partner of Kia and Jataaka

Servent of Quan Chi

Arch-Nemisis of Ashrah

Defeated by the Elder Sub Zero

Defeated by Taven

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