We know Shao Kahn has a wife and children. It's never mentioned that Sindel and Shao Kahn are divorced so we must assume their still married. But it seems some don't realize Shao Kahn seems to truly care about his family.

1 Sindel: Shao Kahn had conqured countless realms before he took Edenia, He had no reason to take Sindel and adopt her daughter and as we see in the 2nde timeline He seems to have loved his wife very much, for example, he spaired Kitana and raised her even after Sindel was dead. He also seemed to have mourned her death, given the large statue marking her grave and his disire to have Quan Chi return her to him.

2 Kitana: In the first timeline, instead of planning to replace Kitana, he claimed Mileena was her sister and raised them together. In addition, in one of Mileena's endings she blackmails her father by kidnapping Sindel and Kitana showing that although he tries to hide it, he truly does love Kitana as his daughter.

3 Mileena: In both timelines it is shown Shao Kahn and Mileena care greatly for each other. With him giving her a name meaning "favored" and often calling her his daughter.

4 Skarlet and Millena: Both Skarlet and Mileena were created in Kitana's likeness showing he does view Kitana as his child as he makes his other daughter's in her likeness.

Now another interesting Question, Why is it never pointed out Ermac and Skarlet are both his children? They were both created for him, like Mileena, and Skarlet was also made in Kitana's likeness. Another good question is how do Kitana's Brother and Sisters and Sindel View each other?

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