Age Unknown
Height 5ft & 8inches
Weight 171lbs
Resides Outworld
Origin Outworld
Species Demon
Fighting Style
Alignment Neutral


Crystal was a ninja picked by Shao kahn to serve Motaro. Crystal agreed to do what Motaro says. She served Motaro until a new MK tournement started. She was told she could not compete in Mortal kombat, he did not wanted her to not get killed during the tournement. In a rage. Crystal attacked her master. After defeating him. She competed in Mortal kombat. She lost though. She wanted to shed her anger by killing earthrealmers during the Outworld assualt. Nobdy knows when her anger will stop.


She looks kinda like Jade's alternate costume for MK9. but except the top isn't in a "bra" like fashion. instead it looks like a female ninja top from MK2. the top has a hole in the back. She has sliver long hair that reaches her back . Crystal has a sliver mask that has a gold line starting at the bottom and rushing to the top and spliting up into 2 covering the top parts. She wears small "Sonya from MK3 pants" except more fitting for the time her realm is in. She also wears crystal white boots, on the side the boots have a "V" line showing some skin, but not overkill of it. She has tannish skin, and has white horns like Sheeva's. She has no gloves on.

Special Moves

  • Krystal crash:Crystal coats herself in crystal armor and charges at the foe. After a hit or miss the armor breaks off showing her normal looks and oufit
  • Crystal rapid fire: Crystal fire small crystals at the foe
  • Crystal spark: Crystal shines a bright light blinding the foe

X-Ray move

  • Crystal smash: Crystal grabs the victim and kicks hiim/her in the chest. Breaking it. She then grabs the victim and throws him/her hard on the ground. Breaking their skull


  • Crystal spikes: Crystal kicks the victim on the ground. She then makes small crystal spikes. She grabs the victim and drags him/her over to the spikes. They scream "NO!" before being dragged into the spikes. Which then cut the victim into pieces
  • Crystal statue: Crystal grabs the victim. Turning him/her into a crystal statue. As Crystal holds the statue. She throws it violently across the screen, destroying the victim until the only remains are small crystal pieces

Other finshers

Babality:Crystal turns into a baby. she forms a crystal block and using her magic. She turns it into a throne. She sits on the throne and says "I am better then you!" in a baby voice. The throne then breaks and Crystal begins crying

Friendship:Crystal makes a crystal statue of the foe

Animality:Crystal turns into a poodle and bites the victim's leg off and beats them to death with it

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