[Inspired by Incub7]


After Earthrealm was saved from terror and death. And Quan chi was defeated by Raiden and caused his minions to go back to normal. Shao Kahn was revived and sent more armies to Earthrealm, the forces of good knew they had to do something. Something fast.

New combat features

Enhanced moves are removed, mainly because they served no use. They were just the same move that does more damage

X-Rays are replaced with "Power Combos" which when activited. Go into a quick scene of a powerful combo which does a lot of damage

Stamina bar on special moves. When it reaches 0 players must wait until the next round to use that move again, so spammers won't exist on the game



"Enemy or not! DIE!"-Battle quote


Spear-Scorpion's trademark spear

Hell Rising-Scorpion brings flames from the ground and burns his foe

Enhanced Burning-Scorpion's hands begin to burn for five seconds. For those five seconds his attacks do more damage

Teleport-Scorpion disappears and appears on the other side of the screen and knocks his foe down

Sword-Scorpion throws his sword across the screen

Power Combo-Burning Pain!-Scorpion throws his sword at the victim, it slashes there chest, then he uses his Enhanced Burning move and punches his victim which causes them to fly across the screen and burn


Send You To HELL!-Scorpion uses his Hell Rising the victim. They run around screaming in pain, Scorpion then takes out his sword and slashes the victim's head off, then he grabs the head and smashes it into the ground leaving a bloody burned mess

Ripped-Scorpion wraps his spear around his victim's neck, then he pulls on it, the victim begins bleeding around there neck and they start puking blood a little bit, he pulls on it again and there head gets torn off. Then he sends the headless body to hell


"Killing...him is my destiny."-Battle quote


Ice Ball-Sub-Zero fires a freezing ice ball

Cold Shoulder-Sub-Zero slides across the screen and slams into his foe

Ice Statue-Sub-Zero leaves an ice statue which will freeze anyone who touches it

Ice Cold Uppercut-Sub-Zero freezes his fist and uppercuts his foe

Ice Warhammer-Sub-Zero forms a warhammer made out of ice and attacks the foe with it

Power Combo-Icey Crasher-Sub-Zero throws his victim into the air and forms an ice spear, which he throws at his victim's chest. Then he kicks the victim in the head when he/she lands


Cold Death-Sub-Zero freezes his victim. Then he uppercuts the head off and rips the torso off. Then he throws the torso at the head when it comes down. The head and the torso hit the lower legs causing all three of them to explode


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