Age 30
Height 7 '5
Weight 189
Resides Earthrealm
Origin Earthrealm
Species Cyborg
Allies Sonya Jax Cyrax Kenshi Sub-zero
Enemies Mavado Hsu hao Kano Kira Daegon
Weapon Pulseblade daggers
Fighting Style Hapkido
Alignment Good
Entering combat mode!


—Blun's battle cry


Blun was a normal human living his life in earthreallm. He was known to battle with the special forces. He hated the Black dragon and the Red dragon. On a misson sonya gave him. For his great power. He had one task. Kill Kano and Mavado. Blun accepted his task. He set out to kill the two thugs. While trying to kill both of them while they were both fighting. He attempted to cut Kano's head off. He did not get the kill, Kano turned to look at Blun "Who the hell are you?" Kano said. "Whoever he is. He is possibly a pesky bounty hunter for the Special forces!" Mavado said. Kira and Hsu hau were fighting close enough to come see the scene. "Lets finish him!" Hsu hao shouted. He was outmatched and soon knocked out cold. He was later found and brought to the Lin kuei temple by Sub-zero and turned into a cyborg and brought back to the special forces base. Now that Shao kahn is attacking earthrealm and destroying a city that was once the place he grew up in

Special Moves

  1. Plasma blast — Blun fires a blast of plasma energy

The enhanced version is called Plasma launch. Blun fires 2 blasts of energy

  1. Laser gun — Blin fires a straight laser beam from his hand

The enhanced version is called laser rifle. Blun fires a larger and unblockable laser beam

  1. Plasma hand — Blun generates a large laser hand that throws the foe across the screen

The enhanced version is Plasma fist. Blun slams the foe 2 times before throwing them across the screen

X-Ray Move

  1. Sonic wave —Blun fires a sonic wave that hits the victim causing there chest to break. Then he violently karate chops the victim's neck


  1. Sonic mayhem —Blun fires a sonic wave at the victim. The sonic wave cuts one of the one of the victim's leg off. He fires another one which cuts one of the victim's hands off, then he runs to the victim and rips there heart out. Killing him/her
  2. Plasma tiger- Blun forms a plasma tiger. He makes it rip the victim's legs off. Then he makes it eat the victim's organs before telling it to rip the victim's head off. Which it does killing the victim

Other finishers

Babality:Blun turns into a baby and fires a sonic wave in the air. The sonic wave hits the ground and the noise causes him to cry

Friendship:Blun generates a plasma Cyrax. The plasma Cyrax does his MK3 friendship

Animality:Blun turns into a Owl. He flys over to the victim and then grabs the victim's head. Ripping it off and flying off with it. Then a skull falls out of the sky and lands on the ground

[Looks:He looks like Cyrax in MK9. Except he is blue. he has white eyes. He also has a sliver dragon belt and a holder to hold his pulseblade daggers]

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