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Worst MK fatalities?

Tell your least fav fatalities from each MK and give reasons why

For me:

MK1:Liu kang's Flip kick [Though Liu kang is nice in combat personality. This fatality just sucks]

MK2:Johnny cage's Triple uppercut [Is the dude thats getting killed a messed up mutant?]

MK3:A few. Like Kabal's Soul scare. [Kitana's kiss was enough dark comedy]

MK4:Scorpion's Toasty [Way to ruin a classic! no bones, no burned bones, just a victim running with crappy flame effects]

MK:DA:Quan chi's Giraff'ed [He could have made a skull fireball eat their legs but no, they had to put an E10+ Finisher]

MK:D:Hotaru's Triple neck snap [Hotaru, you have a freaking spear and you do this?]


MK9:Sonya's Kut-throat [To simple and who knows that Sonya keeps a wire in her bumper?]

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