Hey guys I got Photoshop and made a Cyber-Kenshi. I wanna know what you think! I can make people cyborgs if you want. Best Reguards, XV DEaD ShOT xV 06:05, July 16, 2011 (UTC)

Cyber-Kenshi edited-4

Cyber Kenshi

Hey guys again, I just finished my Cyber Nightwolf. I think C-K is cooler but he is alright.

Hey again I will be making the characters in the order that you ask so i will be satrting off with Shao Kahn. He will be difficult, so it may take me longer to do than the others.
Selina(Jade's Mileena)

Saleena, Jade's Mileena. She uses a bow.

Cyber Nightwolf

Cyber Nightwolf

274px-Cyber Mileena

Thanks to InoSakuraConflict, This is now on the page and i gotta say, it looks great. I did not do this one, I did the others

360px-Cyber baraka by djmonkeyboy13-d3j1a6y

Cyber Baraka, thanks to Emperor Scorpion

Hey for the 4th time, I would like you guys to post the pictures on my talk page and message me if you want it on the blog because alot of things are going on right now and I don't have time to check this. Thanks.


Cyber Reptile by XV DEaD ShOT xV


Cyber Smoke (haha thanks GunBlazer XD) by an anonymous friend of GunBlazer

350px-Cyber tremor by pyrodark-d3e0cc7

Cyber Tremor I found online! Pretty Cool huh!

Cyber Kratos

Cyber Kratos... Probably the worst one on here he is very difficult

Cyber Raiden by Juracuille

Cyber Raiden by Juracuille. Amazing!!


Shang Tsung and Quan Chi combined to make the ultimate weapon.


Cyber Scorpion by InoSakuraConflict



Cyber Kratos edit

Newest Cyber Kratos, thanks to Cybersubby who gave me the base picture =)

Cyktor edited-1

The Final picture I will put on my blog. This is for DAZ1171! Happy Birthday man!


Cyber Stryker by Juracuille

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