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    Greetings, my friends.

    Do you know how a prophecy works?

    A prophecy is a promise of end, and not of circunstance.

    If something is said to happen, it does not matter how it happens, if this is not mentioned, what truly matters is the end, something Machiavelli would always be pleased to see again and again.

    MKX is said, by Ed Boon himself, to be a story to be told in a timespan of 25 years after MK9, but not exactly two and a half decades then, but in a timeline of 5 years, then 10 years, and finally 25.

    On the first and "original" timeline, Shinnok invaded Earthrealm in a scheme planned since his fall and conducted by us on MKM: SZ, but it came some time after Shao Kahn's trilogy. This was not a prophecy, but a plan, what does not mean it could…

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