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    Ok, i just gone to a bar with my friends last night and got drunk, i then wrote this on a lanhouse....

    Gabe has the ability to call people of his games to help him in the battle, he also uses his signature Homemade Club to beat up opponents in kombat.

    Nail Juggle: Gabe uses his Homemade Club to Juggle the opponent to the air

    Gaball: Gabe performs an somersault at his opponent, and then attacks them with his homemade bat

    Belly Shoulder: Gabe shoulders at his opponent with his belly

    Freeman Slide: Gabe unleashes Gordon Freeman to slide at the opponent

    Ragequit: Gabe uses his G18 pistol to shoot his opponent

    Tongue Lash: Gabe unleashes the Smoker from L4D to pull the opponent close to him, similiar to Scorpion´s Spear

    Jarate: Gabe throws Jarate at h…

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  • Zombine™

    Fujin as DLC on MK9

    August 18, 2011 by Zombine™

    Ed Boon said that Freddy Krueger is the last DLC, however, on may, players confirmed via-hacking the DLC Bosemale with an Noob Saibot attire, however, the announcer says Fujin when selected

    it don´t has any special moves, just a fighting stance that reminds of the Val Tudo from MK:D, it appears as and semi-nude kombatant, nothing more

    for now, Fujin can only be selected via-hacks that the hackers did not confirmed yet

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