Ok, i just gone to a bar with my friends last night and got drunk, i then wrote this on a lanhouse....

General Information
In Mortal Kombat


Gabe has the ability to call people of his games to help him in the battle, he also uses his signature Homemade Club to beat up opponents in kombat.

Nail Juggle: Gabe uses his Homemade Club to Juggle the opponent to the air

Gaball: Gabe performs an somersault at his opponent, and then attacks them with his homemade bat

Belly Shoulder: Gabe shoulders at his opponent with his belly

Freeman Slide: Gabe unleashes Gordon Freeman to slide at the opponent

Ragequit: Gabe uses his G18 pistol to shoot his opponent

Tongue Lash: Gabe unleashes the Smoker from L4D to pull the opponent close to him, similiar to Scorpion´s Spear

Jarate: Gabe throws Jarate at his opponent, making them become more vunerable to attacks for a while

Left 1 Dead: Gabe throws Left 4 Dead 2 covers on the ground, similiar to Kung Lao´s Ground Hat and Freddy Krueger´s Freddy Fingers

Electro-Sapper: Gabe uses an Sapper from TF2 to shock the opponent

Home Run: Gabe counters the opponent´s projectile with his homemade club, he can also do this on the air

Komin´ Back: Gabe uses his tie to get close to the opponent

It´s for you: Gabe uses his cellular phone to deaf the opponent for a while, making him free to perform a kombo or uppercut

Worth the Weight: Gabe Jumps at the ground, performing an small earthquake

Nail Throw: Gabe send some of sails of his bat at the opponent, this can be also done on the air

Air Grab: Gabe grabs the opponent on the air and performs an suplex while falling

X-Ray Move:

Delayed- Gabe performs an supersault star for now at his opponent, and then smahes their skull with his Homemade Club and then when the opponent tries to get up, gabe kicks their skull, breaking it even more.


Aimbot: Gabe places an spy mask from TF2 on the opponent making them get confused with a Spy and then they got headshot by a sniper.

Head Sappin´: Gabe places a TF2 sapper on the victim's head and it shocks them causing there whole upper body to explode in a gory mess.


Gabe picks up a HL2: Ep3 cover and breaks it into half while laughing in a high pitched voice.


'Years of development and nothing came, Episode Three was ready, until Earthrealm was invaded by Outworld, all the sacrafice of Gaben worth nothing, in rage, Gabe created an alliance with Kano, and both gone to outwrold to kill Blaze and get his power, however, the alliance with Kano and Gabe will later be just another loss of time for Gabe´s fat jokes'


'Shao Kahn, the konqueror of worlds and emperor of Outworld defeated many deadly worriors in battle of, but he was no match to the Valve´s Leader, Gabe had saved earthrealm, his name was known in all the Realms, in his back to home, he was thanked by Raiden, who said that he saved many lives, as an gift, Raiden had given to him an small piece of his power, now Gabe with the power of a god, had not only released Episode Three but lots of new games, Left 4 Dead 3, Team Fortress 2 3D, Portal 3, Episode Three, Modern Warfare 4 and the newest game about himself and his journey to Outworld: GABEN!


Friend of Stryker

Robbed and assaulted several times by Kobra before Earthrealm was invaded

Trained by an unknown master to self-defense to defeat Kobra

For unknown reasons, he seems to dislike Johnny Cage and his movies

Meet Nightwolf during a travel on the New Mexico

He and his family were saved by Stryker after Earthrealm was invaded

Shang Tsung tried to steal his soul, but he escaped with Kano before it

Arch-rival of Shao Kahn

Allied with Kano to defeat Shao Kahn with his help

Stage Relationships

Streets: he were rescued by Stryker there after Earthrealm was invaded

The Bridge: he was assaulted by Kobra and other thugs there before the invasion of Earthrealm


One of Earthrealm´s best game creators,

Survived the Earthrealm invasion with the help of Stryker,

All the Episode Three files were destroyed during the invasion,

Created an alliance with Kano to make he go to Outworld to kill Shao Kahn and Blaze

Possibly betrayed by Kano

Invited by Johnny Cage to join the Earthrealm resistance, but he refused

Created an makeshift club to be his weapon

Stryker gave him a Glock automatic pistol

this is not a serious or troll page, just a joke and and an if he was on MK9, anyways, Gabe would suck in MK9, if you dont like it, dont waste your time commenting shit in here

and please, dont take this joke for serious, if you take it, please grow up

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