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The Wastelands of Outworld from MKII and MK Trilogy.
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This brutal and nightmarish area known as Wastelands (also in full, the Wastelands of Outworld) was a regional part of the Realm of Outworld. This location was a bleak and ruined landscape which was forever dominated by the night. The roadsides served as a battlefield which provoked a feeling of spontaneous conflict. A catapult resided nearby which was the source of many Fatalities. There are a couple areas in Outworld such as the Falling cliffs, the sea of blood and more.

This arena made its debut in Mortal Kombat II and returned in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, where players meet - and rescue - a maskless Kabal and cross the Wastelands' gigantic, bloody lake called the Sea of Blood in order to progress further into the wastelands. This arena returned as a stone fortress within the wasteland at war with another nearby tower in Mortal Kombat Armageddon. The players start within the fortress' main gates, although the opponent can be knocked through the gate down to the courtyard below, which contains five burning catapults being used in the battle, which also work as deathtraps - there is one more catapult within the gates, as well.

This is what's left of Edenia, a once beautiful realm ruled by King Jerrod and Queen Sindel. After Shao Kahn's warriors defeated Edenia's warriors in ten consecutive Mortal Kombat tournaments, the Konqueror was free to invade Edenia and convert the realm as part of Outworld that is still under his brutal rule. This brutal, nightmarish area became what is known as the Wastelands.

In Mortal Kombat (2011), the Wastelands are fought along a shoreline this time around displaying burning destruction and also old netherships on sea in the background. There appears to be several corpses of all shapes and sizes washed up along the shore.


  • The Wastelands appear as part of Outworld in the first Mortal Kombat movie. Several humans (presumably the original natives) were seen running about. It is there that Liu Kang fights Reptile.
  • Originally, artist Tony Goskie had added a crucified, four-armed Shokan into the background of the Wastelands in Mortal Kombat II. However, the company was afraid it was going to be perceived as sacrilegious, so it had to be removed.
  • It is said that the big building across the water on MKII and trilogy is Kahn's Arena.


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