The Yin Yang Island is a mysterious island that became an arena in the Mortal Kombat series.


This island is stuck between two realms, Earthrealm and Outworld.

Sailors have said they've seen an island in a bed of fog then it would vanish. They said that the trees there would become snakes then turn back into trees again. No one would believe them and often blamed the strange delusional tales about the island on the rum.

In Earthrealm

On the good part of Yin Yang Island while in Earthrealm, it shows a luxurious, modern cruise liner on a calm open ocean and clear blue skies bathed in beautiful sunlight. In the distance is a statue holding a flower pot, and tall palm trees in foreground, thus it gives a more peaceful, isolated feel. Also in the middle of the isle, between the trees is a gong with the Mortal Kombat dragon logo on it.

In Outworld

On the evil part of Yin Yang Island while in Outworld, it shows a nethership on an unsafe ocean, a pale full moon, raging thunderstorms and fierce lightnings in the distance with a skull faced statue holding a fire pot and trees turn into snakes in the foreground, thus it gives a more sinister, isolated feel. Also in the middle of the foreground, between the giant man-eating serpents with a rope tied to them is a gong-like object with a Mortal Kombat dragon logo on it. If knocked into the water with a strong attack, one will be eaten alive by fish, the Deathtrap for this stage.

Statues of Yin Yang Island

In three concept sketches (including the two Earthrealm/Outworld sketches), there are still two versions of the two old, Asian-typed statues found on the Yin Yang Island. The one statue on the left is is that of a calm, peaceful Buddhist holding a flower pot with healthy flowers in it. The other statue on the right is that of a skull faced, undead-looking priest holding a fire pot that emits a flame.

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