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Zaggot, God of Chaos

Zaggot was a God that represented the forces of chaos, and was the brother of Abacus, who represented the forces of order. Due to the two opposing concepts, Zaggot was always in an antagonistic position against Abacus and sought nothing but to feed his hunger for more chaos.

Zaggot and Abacus were born as equals, but as time passed, the balance between them shifted. When Abacus became stronger, Zaggot became weaker and when Zaggot became stronger, Abacus became weaker.

Zaggot seems to hold interest in testing the abilities of Goro and seeks to destroy the Prince of Pain. He created The Kombatant by combining the powers of the Earthrealm warriors so that it would confront and destroy Goro.

His crow Rook is always with him and ceaselessly compliments the God of Chaos.



  • It is unknown whether Zaggot himself could be the very god of the Chaosrealm, since he represents the very destructive nature of chaos.


  • Mortal Kombat: Goro, Prince of Pain Trilogy

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