General Information
Gender Male
In Mortal Kombat
Zebron is a fictional character, his concept seen in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. He is a tall anthropomorphic zebra dressed in a tuxedo. An image of him was originally posted on Ed Boon's official site before the release of Deadly Alliance. Known only as MK5 at the time, it was intended as a joke to mess with fans who were eagerly awaiting any information regarding the title. The creators then added this image to the actual game.

In Deadly Alliance's Krypt, Koffin "ZE" contained Zebron's image, along with the comment that the developers would "never do a Zebra guy...or would we?" However, in Mortal Kombat Krypts, there are several of these concept sketches. Apparently, the additional pieces of concept art are meant to reinforce the idea that the design team was actually considering making Zebron a playable character.

According to the original story, Zebron is a Prince who is fighting for freedom for his race.


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